Notes field loses some edits

  1. Type some text in the Notes editor
  2. Wait about 2 seconds
  3. Select and delete all the text
  4. The deleted text reappears after a short delay

This appears to be down to some delay in saving the note content after input stops… I don’t know if this only occurs when deleting the whole note, but that’s the simplest way to get it to happen.

I think this probably happens for newly created notes only — or, out of curiosity, can you reproduce this also for notes which had already existed when activating them in the notepad (i.e., if you create a note then select a different note or item and return to the previous note)?

The notepad is definitely not ready for this level of scrutiny :slight_smile:

Actually it does seem to happen for preexisting notes as well.

are there any solutions? As a newbie, I seem to experience exactly the same problems (Win 11, newest Tropy version, fresh install)

We’ve completely re-implemented the notepad for the upcoming release; stay tuned!

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