Notes Tied to Project, List, or Merged Item

I would like to see Tropy support notes that are tied to the overall project, a specific list, or to a group of merged items, not just to images. As I process raw images I often need to leave myself notes about where I left off with the images in a merged item, the status of a specific list, or what my next steps are on a long-term project–notes that do not relate to one specific image.

Thanks! It’s interesting, I think this is the first time project-level notes have come up. We’ll have to think about that!

We’re currently working to add item-level notes and they will be included in one of the upcoming releases.

If not project-level, at least list-level. For example, this would allow for notes about the purpose of the list, what it includes, what needs to be added, what has been done, etc.