Numbering and Word Plugin?


I am currently looking for a way to give a number to every object in my Tropy Project. I would like to have a number dedicated to each image in addition to the date, the author and the title, in order to better organise and identify my project. Ideally, I would like to just refer to object for example number 122 instead of having to give the date, author and title to make clear of which object I am talking about. Does this feature exist?
Also since I am using Word to work on the objects in my Tropy Project, I would like to be able to feature the objects within my Word text and Word document. Is there any way to link Word with Tropy, like Citavi for example?
Thank you very much for your help in Advance.

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You can add a suitable property such as dcterms:identifier to your template and use that assign numbers to your items or photos.

Tropy assigns internal ids to each item, photo, note, etc. in your project. We’ve been considering whether (and how) to expose this id in the interface. The main application of exposing ids and providing an id-selector for values would be to make it easy to link objects within a project is definitely something we would like to do: for instance, if you create an item for a person, you could then link that person as the author of another item, and so forth. If this is what you were thinking about then it’s definitely on our wishlist, but it’s not in the works yet.

Currently there are no plans for a Word plugin.

That was helpful, thank you for your message and the Information.