Older version for MacOS Mohave

I must have either allowed an update, or it was automatic, but I now can’t launch the app, I get the error message ‘You have macOS 10.14.6. The application requires macOS 10.15 or later.’ I still have 10.14 for a legacy app. I have Trophy 1.16.2, and clearly need an older one, but can’t see where to get it.
I don’t have auto-updates, and have no memory of updating Trophy manually.
It seems to have updated a month ago, but only today appears crossed out in the Dock.
Cheers, Colin

Tropy 1.16.x and later is based on a version of Chromium which does not support macOS Mojave any more. You can still install and use the latest 1.15.x release. Here is a direct link to the DMG if you’re on an Intel-based Mac; for the Apple Silicon use this one.

We’ve disabled the auto-updates for Mojave on the server-side now so 1.15 should not automatically update anymore for you. If you prefer you can also turn off the update check completely on your side by selecting Help -> Show user data folder from the menu and locating the state.json file. Before opening the file please quit Tropy first (otherwise your changes will have no effect). While Tropy is closed, you can open the file in a text editor and change the part that says "updater": "true" to "updater": "false". This will completely disable the automatic updates.

All good, many thanks. CC