Omeka Integration

I am a new user to Tropy and find it extremely effective and a difference maker in organizing my research. I realize this is almost certainly a plan for future editions, but may I request that when the capability to export from Tropy to Omeka is created that the items transfer into Omeka just as they organized in Tropy. More specifically, if an item is composed of several photographs then this is how it is put into Omeka, not as separate items as a bulk import would do at this moment. The easy combination of more than one image into an item with the same metadata is so effective that it would be outstanding if this were to transfer over to an Omeka project. Thanks so much for your time.

Chris B.

Yes, we are working on export to Omeka. Stay tuned!

Perfect, thanks very much. I will have a medium sized collection (about 8,000 or so) to export from Tropy to Omeka, and will be happy to help with feedback if that would be helpful.

Thanks Again!

I wondered if there might be any news on Omeka integration. Any timeline for such an addition that can be shared?

We are currently experimenting with a standalone module to upload items from Tropy to an Omeka server and we’re going to turn this into the first export plugin in the coming weeks. We don’t have a release date in sight yet, but it’s going to be in one of the next releases.

That is great news, thanks very much for the update!

I noticed in the new Tropy version that there is some plugin options within Tropy’s menu. I also stumbled upon some script within the Tropy GitHub. Is the script in the GitHub the Omeka plugin? Should users be trying it? Mangers of my Omeka instance are willing to install and configure plugins, so I was not sure whether it is time for that step or not.

Hi! We’ve just released an experimental Omeka export plugin in Tropy 1.1. This plugin is only for Omeka S, so if you’re using Classic, it won’t work, unfortunately. You can see how to install and configure the plugin here: Please let us know if you run into problems!

Thank you very much for the information - I will be sure to provide feedback if it would help when I have exported to Omeka S. Thanks again.

Hi. Once this has been tested, are there plans to develop a similar plug in for Omeka Classic? Thanks!

Hi Mills! At the moment, no, we aren’t planning a Classic plugin, for a variety of reasons. However, our developers have created a plugin architecture, so if a third party wanted to take a crack at it, they’re welcome to!

Hi Abby. Thanks. I’ll keep creating my items in Dublin Core just in case… :grin:


Thank you very much for providing the information about the Omeka plugin. I have followed the steps to installing the plugin, which seemed to go smoothly. However, I still do not have the Omeka S export feature available to me when right clicking on an item. Is there someone that could help me troubleshoot this, or some initial steps I can try?

Thanks very much.

If the plugin does not show up in the context menu, there is probably something wrong with the installation or configuration. Can you post the main.log and project.log files after starting Tropy? This might give us a clue what’s wrong.

Got it - the main file does provide some text about a failed plugin - Please see attached. Thank you very much for looking into this.

main.log (1.1 KB)

project.log (5.7 KB)

It sounds like you might be missing a closing curly bracket } before your final ]. If you look at the config.json file, all the open brackets need to have a corresponding bracket. If you post your config.json file (omitting the keys), we can fix it for you.

We’re working on a GUI for editing the plugin configuration - soon errors that you are experiencing will be a thing of the past.

Great - thanks for pointing out this catch, I really appreciate it. I made the change and can now see the plugin - I will be in touch if I need some more support. Thanks again!