Operating System Reinstall

Hi there,

I recently had the operating system reinstalled on my laptop to enhance speed. I’ve been able to get all my programs running again, but I’m having a bit of a hiccup with Tropy. I had to re-download it, and while I was able to import the backup versions of my projects into the program the images aren’t visible (the notes and metadata are still fine). Fortunately, my photos are still intact in my Dropbox, so they haven’t disappeared. How do I get the backup projects and the dropbox photos to talk to each other?

Tropy needs to recreate all the thumbnails of your photos. If the absolute paths to the photos are still the same, this should happen automatically. Since this doesn’t seem to be the case, I’d guess that Tropy can’t find your photos anymore – in that case you should be able to fix all the paths by consolidating one of the photos manually. See the user manual page on moving photos for more.