Order messed up after consolidating

Good afternoon,

When I add photo’s to an item, at first the order is fine (for example, DSCN2569, DSCN2570,…); alphabetical order let’s say. When I close Tropy, restart it again, and return back to this item, the program automatically starts consolidating random photo’s, and when it is done, the order of my photo’s is messed up. Some of my items have got 500 photo’s, and when transcribing I want my photo’s to be in the right order, but I have to rearrange them by hand every time…

Is there a way to order these photo’s in alphabetical/numerical order again?

Kind regards

The order of photos inside an item should be fixed and currently the only way to change it is by moving the photos manually. If the order changes because of consolidation, that is definitely an error. Do you remember how you originally imported your photos? Did you import them into an existing item directly, or did you import them as separate items first and then merge them?