Order of photos inside an item

Hello! I love Tropy but I am having an issue with the order of the photographs. Initially the photographs were listed in the order I imported them but after a day, when I opened the program again, the order of the photographs in a merged item is random. That totally will make Tropy unusable for hhistorical research because I need photos organized. I am working with newspapers and searching next page in 300 pages and rearranging manually is not doable. I appreciate any help in that regards.
best, Lorena

The order of photos in an item is based on the order you merge them into an item — which means it is important which photo you select first and which last. So when you imported e.g. photo ‘Page 1’, ‘Page 2’, …, ‘Page 300’ in the correct order, you should be able to see them in that order in the item table when you sort them by ‘Date Added’. Now, select ‘Page 1’, then select ‘Page 300’ (shift + click or shift + key down) and right click on the selection to get the ‘Merge Selected Items’ context menu. The photos should appear in exactly this order in the item.

If you selected the ‘Page 300’ first and ‘Page 1’ last, the photos would be in reverse order in the item (but not random).

You say the order of the photos is random in an item, maybe you sorted the photos by another column than by ‘Date Added’ before merging? You can basically use any column to sort before merging — as long it provides the correct order.