Ordering Tags Manually in stead of Alphabetically

I am using Tropy for a large research project involving around 1000 items - so tags are very useful for me.

I’m using tags for different levels of categorisation - for example location (nationwide, local, a specific city), different topics discussed in the item et cetera. I can order these tags through the colours, however it would be great to be able to order the tags myself in stead of the automatic alphabetical ordering.

I hope this (small point) will be included in the next update!

That’s interesting. If I understand you correctly, it’s not necessarily so much the order that’s important, but the grouping – yes? To combine sets of tags which belong to the same category?

We’re planning to completely replace the current tag list with a new widget. The main features that we have in mind are concerned with making large lists easier to navigate and allow you to quickly find tags. It’s unlikely that we would want to support an arbitrary order for tags (as opposed to lists), but grouping tags is something we may want to consider. I’ll add it to our list!

Yes please ! That feature would be huge. “Sub tag” or grouping tags would be so usefull.

Agreed! Right now I’m using this workaround, however having it as a feature would be great.