Organisation of files

I’ve created a new project called “archive”.

next I’ve created a list called “State archive X”. Now I have several research documents.
for example one document contains of 223 images. another document contains about 117 images, etc…

I dragged the images into my list “State archive X”, selected to images from one document and did “Merge Selected Items”. I changed the Tropy Generic title to the name of the document. When I click the merged item I see that it contains for example 223 images.

Now on each page I can write notes. But how do I add tags on specific pages from a merged item? For example on page 16 I have found something where I want to add two tags. Is this possible? How?

(When I add a new field Tag in the metadata for a select item I cannot reuse my tags I already defined, so I don’t think that works either… + the new field has to be created each time per image where I want to add it)
as for now i think this is a limitation and I have to create a sublist with one item in it per document :confused:


tags can only be used at the item level for now, but we do consider implementing tags at the photo level. In the meantime, if you need different tags per photo, I think it’s a reasonable approach to keep the imported photos as individual items.

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