OWL vocabularies?


I basically am the person who is in Twitter wondering if there is a way of converting MODS/RDF (http://www.loc.gov/standards/mods/modsrdf/index.html), currently in OWL, to .n3 or .ttl, so that I can use it with Tropy. Therefore, I wanted to ask here why OWL does not work with Tropy (please, consider that I am not very sure about the differences between RDF and OWL, apart from OWL being able to express more complex relations, so that I might be asking a really stupid question). And if it could work with Tropy some day.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.


Tropy currently imports RDF vocabularies in N3 only. I converted the MODS/RDF file to N3 below – you should be able to import it this way.

modsrdf.n3 (44.5 KB)

Hope this helps!

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And if it helps! Thank you very much, inukshuk! I have spent two days trying to do it myself with all kind of strange converters and I kept getting errors I did not understand (basically because I started reading about metadata one week ago).

I used Easy RDF Converter – the result was OK, but was missing a namespace definition: for that reason, if you import the converted file in Tropy you would get an error message, but the Vocabulary would still be imported. I also added a title to the converted N3 file so that Tropy displays the title instead of the URL.

RDF is not easy in my experience. We’ll be looking to add/expose more functionality in Tropy going forward, hopefully in a user-friendly way!