Parts of Transcriptions Deleting Themselves


I’ve just started using Tropy for transcribing MS photos, and since I’m using many, many photos for one object, I’m trying to create a continuity in my transcription by copy/pasting what I have so far into the notes for the next photo and then adding to it (to solve the ‘no item-level notes feature’ problem). However, I’ve started to notice as my transcript has gotten longer, that bits that I have copy/pasted are mysteriously disappearing on their own (ends of sentences). I even did a test and copied the text in one note and pasted in another note and only half the text that I had copied showed up.
Can someone please fix this bug, because right now it is making me redo tons of work that I have already done, and I might be losing more work without even realising it. Thanks!

Can you tell us your operating system version and how much text you’re copying and pasting when this happens? I just tried to reproduce this by copying and pasting entire dissertations, but did not encounter this issue.

I’m not pasting as much text as a dissertation, just 50-100 lines of text. I’m using macOS High Sierra 10.13.4. Thanks.

Sounds nasty, but I could unfortunately also not reproduce. May I suggest making a brief screen recording of the steps you took that lead to the disappearing text?

I haven’t noticed it happening again since then, but I’ve started saving my transcript as I go in a Word document just in case.