PDF Export possibility


Would it be possible in the future to export lists or project into a pdf file including photos and metadata ?

Thank you in advance,

This would be amazing! Most of the microfilm documents that I have are saved in PDF. However, I would love to use Tropy to manage them.

We are planning to release more export options in the coming months, but no dedicated PDF export is planned at the moment. However, it’s something that could be relatively easy to achieve using a dedicated plugin. (We can discuss it in more detail when export plugins are ready).

As for importing from PDF, we already have a few ideas in mind. Would you be looking for a way to import all the photos in the PDF as single photos (which you’d then organize to items) or does each PDF document represent an item, or otherwise, a context which you’d like to be able keep in Tropy (i.e., would you like to be able to see, in Tropy, from which PDF file, page, etc. the photo comes).

(Note that for the first scenario, there may already be an easy path to get the photos into Tropy by using a tool such as pdftoppm to extract the photos from the PDF and then import them into Tropy).

I think in my case, the first option might be better, as I tend to save the pdf images in chunks of 30-40, and then break them up into separate documents later. Switching them to photo, and then being able to organize them in Tropy might be easier than the PDF editing that I have been doing. I am going to check out pdftoppm now!


As a historian who has just starting exploring Tropy in the last hour I would reinforce the request to be able to export a PDF of a single image, or a batch of images as one PDF. Being able to export a PDF with metadata etc, and then attach it to a document citation in Zoterro would be an extremely useful feature for me.


Is there any progress with regards to the PDF export plug-in? Or can I use another plugin to create a PDF file of images + metadata + notes?