Photos in shared cloud file will not display

Pictures in shared file display as gray boxes with triangle and exclamation point. The file has not been moved. Nothing happened when I selected “consolidate.” What troubleshooting steps do you recommend?


Is this a portable project that you’ve opened for the first time, or did you import the photos from the shared folder yourself?

Generally, if Tropy can’t show your photos it’s either an issue with the file path or with the file permissions. To figure out which, can you open Tropy again, try to view or consolidate one of the photos in question and then select Help -> Show log files from the menu; the tropy.log file should contain error messages at this point which should help us figure out what’s wrong. Additionally, you could briefly enable developer mode in Tropy’s preferences and then, back in the project window, toggle the dev tools from the developer menu: in the console there might be additional errors reported (especially if the issue is related to file permissions or the security policy).

It is a Tropy project file, created by someone else, stored in the cloud, that I am attempting to access for the first time.


Do you plan to access the project from multiple devices going forward or will you work on the project by yourself? For continuous access from multiple devices, the project needs to be set up as a portable project: this is still experimental, but should work reliably as long as you don’t access the project simultaneously (there’s no resolving of sync conflicts yet!). I’m guessing that using a portable project is what you intend to do – if not, the best solution will be to consolidate one of the missing photos to adjust the paths of all photos for your device.

For portable projects, the main question is whether or not your project is already set up as a portable project. If it is and Tropy can’t find the images then reason is that either the project file and photos were moved relative to one another or that there is some issue with file permissions. In both cases the steps I’ve outlined earlier would help us to figure out what it is.

If the project is not set up as a portable project yet then you need to make it portable first. If the person who created the project originally is still around and if everything works fine on their device, it’s easiest for them to do this (just enable dev mode and rebase the project via the developer menu and then close Tropy).

If all the photos are there on the shared drive you can also make the project portable, but you need to resolve the paths on your device first. To do this, you will have to right-click on one of the missing photos (not the item!) and consolidate it; you’ll be prompted to select the appropriate file on the shared drive; once that’s done, Tropy will ask if you would like to resolve all other missing photos this way – once that’s done, all the photos should show up on your device. At this point you can make the project portable and it will also work on other devices.