Photos missing/error message

I’ve recently started using Tropy and have 8 items in my current project. All of the photos were visible; however when I just went to look through them again, the photographs within certain items have disappeared. Others are still visible. The thumbnails and my notes are still visible. The ones that disappeared have the small ‘error’ triangle/! showing on the thumbnail. Is there a way to restore these images?

You’ve probably moved the photos after you imported them? When Tropy opens a photo in item view, it uses the original file, so if that is not available anymore you will see the error triangle.

If these are only a handful of photos you can consolidate them manually, by right-clicking on the photo with the triangle icon and selecting ‘Consolidate Photo’ from the menu: this will prompt you to select the photo at its new location.

Consolidating many photos in bulk is currently not supported (the best way is to re-write the paths in your project database), but Tropy 1.5.2 will make this much easier if you’ve moved many photos together.