Photos not appearing

Hello. I have started using Tropy recently, and I have noticed that several of my photographs are not visible. I can look at the photograph as an icon, but when I click on it, there is a blank screen. Also, there is a small error sign to the right of the photograph title. Finally, when I try to click, “Show Photo in Folder,” nothing appears. Thanks for the help! I am using a Mac OS Mojave 10.14.2.

Tropy generates the small icons for each photo when you import them, but does not touch the original photos. If they don’t show up in the image viewer (and the ‘Show Photo in Folder’ action does not work) this typically means that you moved or renamed the original photo.

For more on this, also see this thread and the documentation.

And if I didn’t move any…? Consolidating worked, though, so I will work on fixing the problems. Thanks!

You can try this:

  1. Select one of the photos showing the exclamation mark in the photo panel
  2. In the metadata panel (above the photo panel), scroll to the photo section and move the mouse over the File field. If you click on the file name, it should open in Finder; this is the same action as the one accessible via the context menu and will not work in your case, however, if you hover over the file name (without clicking) it should still show you the full path of the file (the path from where the photo was originally imported).
  3. Make a note of that path and check if that file actually exists on your hard drive at the right location.

If the file does exist, it likely means that file has been corrupted somehow: in this case, try to open the file in a different image viewer, to see if that works. If it does, please try to open it again in Tropy and then post your project.log file here (that might help us figure out what the problem is).

I faced the same problem, the paths was correct but the problem was that windows 10 compresses files to save space, so Tropy was inable to read them anymore, if you are facing this, follow the method 4 in the link

update, I faced the same problem again even after I’ve disabled compression, and found out that tropy is unable to render images comes from files with large size in bytes so I had to edit them to lower the resolution and finaly to lower the size in bytes, and it rendered them perfectly.

resizing imaging can be done with any basic photo editor, just keep chaning the size of an image in pexels unill you reach a pexil/byte ratio that tropy can handle.