Photos not deleting in .tropy file in assets folder (Mac OS)

Using Mac OS X:
I import some JPG files, then deleted them from my Tropy catalog (.tropy file), “standard” format. I right-clicked the “Deleted Items” and chose “Permanent Delete”. The JPG files disappeared from the catalog.
However, when I open the .tropy file (using right-click, “Show Package Contents”), the JPG files are still in the “assets” folder, taking up room on the drive.
Shouldn’t they be gone, freeing room?

Have you closed the project yet? The files should get removed the next time the project is closed.

However if something goes wrong during the deletion it’s possible that files will stay in the store. It’s possible that this happened in your case. We actually need to add maintenance function which compares all files in the store with the project database to detect if there are any leftovers.