Photos Not Showing When I Click Them

I have been cataloguing photos and until tonight they have been accessible. I went to upload more files tonight and they did not show along with the other photos I have imported. I can see them thumbnail but when I open the individual file they don’t show. The image files are around 3-4000 pixels.


So the photos you imported originally still show up, but not the photos of your recent batch? Are those photos in the same location as those that show up or are they on a different hard drive, external device or a shared folder (e.g.,Google Drive, One Drive etc.)?

Additionally, a log file might help us figure out what’s wrong. You can create a log file like this:

  1. Start Tropy (or restart if already open).
  2. Select and open any of the photos which don’t show up.
  3. Select Help -> Show log files from the menu.
  4. Find the project.log file and upload it here.