Photos rotate back

Every time I rotate a photo once I close Tropy and then open it again, the photos are the wrong way again. I checked the original files, I have already rotated them. Any idea what’s going on?
I’m using a MacBook Air, 10.14.5.

Can you try these steps:

  1. Start Tropy
  2. Select an item in the project list
  3. Copy and paste the item into a text editor (i.e., select the item in Tropy, copy with Ctrl/Cmd+C and paste the JSON-LD into a text editor)
  4. There is a lot of noise in the JSON data, but for each photo in the item there should be the fields orientation, mirror and angle listed. If you would make a note of those values.
  5. Then, back in Tropy, rotate the item (e.g., right click on the item and rotate left/right)
  6. Copy and paste the item into a text editor again and note that the angle value has changed.
  7. Then shutdown and restart Tropy. If the item has rotated back, still select it and copy paste it into the text editor again (if the item was rotated back it should have the same values again as at step 4).

Can you reproduce the issue with these steps?

Also, have you rotated the original files with a different app since importing them into Tropy by any chance? (Tropy should detect such changes but depending on how other apps treat EXIF orientation this may lead to unexpected rotations… in any case it should not keep rotating backwards every time, just every time another app rotates the original file this may have an effect on the rotation in Tropy).

Thanks! It seems to be working ok now again, no random rotations, I’m not sure what happened. I did not rotate the original files after I imported them into Tropy.