Will there be a) an import function for pictures from the internet (for example a firefox plugin that creates an item in tropy and joins metadata (if available) and the image file) and b) an export function for word/power point/open office etc., to include images (and metadata) into text projects?

Right now, Tropy focuses on photos that researchers are taking themselves in the archives, so no, we’re not planning to build a Zotero-like metadata pull from the Internet. There will be export, but it will be JSON-LD (at the moment); we haven’t really discussed an export to a word processor, but we are discussing other possible formats to export to.

are there any news on this topic ?
I would be especially interested in a export function for word or other text editors, where you could link text elements / footnotes / images etc. in word directly with Tropy items, and/or import an organizational structure into wird (as with zoteros bibliography tool).
thank you!

One way to do this would be to make a 2-way sync of bibliography between Tropy and Zotero, that way it would be easy to use the already great Word/LibreOffice plug-in for Zotero…

Another way would be to implement something like the Better BibTex add-in for Zotero, (citeproc or similar as alternatives) to export to a BibTex or CSL Json file, that would be updated when changes was made, and ask the Better BibTex devs to create something that autoread that file into Zotero (or maybe they even help with a 2-way feature)…

Just as a tips, the Markdown Notebook application Zettlr, use citeproc to read a Better BibTex file, to give a similar feature as the Zotero Word/LibreOffice plug-in…