Portuguese Locale


  • First of all, thank you devs for a great software. I’m planning to use it a lot :slight_smile:

Meanwhile… What can I do to help with Portuguese PT-pt locale?

That’s great! We manage Tropy’s translations on Transifex: you can sign up there and join the Portuguese team. In addition, we try to include translations for the most important labels (such as for the Dublin Core or IPTC metadata terms) – we typically add those translations directly on GitHub or by e-mail once we have good coverage for a language.

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Joined. Waiting for acceptance :wink:

Awesome! I’ll let our admin know!

Meanwhile, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. When we have good coverage I’ll be in touch about the labels, if that’s OK with you, and to set up a beta or dev build for you to see all the translations in action.

Can I ask questions about translations here?

It’s probably best to ask directly in Transifex (this might help other translators in the future), but here is also fine.

Ok I’ll look there. Meanwhile, PT locale is almost done… :slight_smile:

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Wow, yes, I just saw. You didn’t waste any time there! : )

I will be adding the locale to our dev version in the next few days. Once that happens, I can create a dev build for you to see everything in action.

Other than that, we should translate (or find the standard translations for) the most common labels. For example, here are the Spanish label translations we currently install.

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Ok I think I can do the github file translation but I’m not sure how to proceed. Don’t understand the filename.
Can I just create a text file with the translation and then send you? Or you create an empty sql file for me to fill?

If you could just copy that file, replace the terms, and send it to me I can do the rest. That would be perfect!

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  • Portuguese translation 100% :wink: now I need to check it “in use” to make final tweaks/corrections
  • Trying to find some sort of official DublinCore translation and will send the file when I have Tropy and DC elements/terms translated.
  • The other metadata will be done later. is that Ok?

What operating system are you on?

Ubuntu 18.04
And these characters are just to fill the 20 limit… otherwise I couldn’t post :smiley:

Here’s a Linux dev build with Portuguese enabled!

The labels are definitely less important (users can also override them in their own ontology db), but they go a long way in making the application feel truly localized.

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If I find that some pt translations might be improved (like better wording or shorter version), can I go and change them in transifex?

Yes, of course, that’s the process!

We regularly import the translations from Transifex, so you can always change translations there – be it because you improved existing translations or because new strings were added. If you ever make important changes that should go into a release, it’s best to ping me. But otherwise we typically just fetch the latest versions before each planned release.

OK I already tweaked a few translations :slight_smile: 2 issues:
1- is there a way to unpack the locale pak files? I was aiming at seeing translations in realtime instead of new compile-build
2- Can’t find strings inside the red boxes. I’m assuming “new” is somewhere I cannot reach :frowning: and other labels are coming from a template? Like this, it feels strange… I need to translate Tropy Templates and Duclin Core before all these are translated?

And here’s the first version of pt-labels. Includes Tropy elements, DC elements and terms. DC elements are from Portuguese national Library document but the translation of the terms was an adaption from spanish version. When I have feedback on this (will check these with some colleagues), if needed I’ll improve translation.1909102030.pt-labels.css (8.1 KB)

hmm I replaced .sql by .css just to trick the upload restrictions :slight_smile:


If you want to experiment with translations in real-time, you can edit the yml files directly (we unpack them by default to make it easier to hack). You can find them at resources/app.asar.unpacked/res/strings and resources/app.asar.unpacked/res/menu. If you change strings in renderer.pt.yml you can reload the window with Ctrl+R and the changes should be visible. If you change strings in the menus or in browser.pt.yml you have to restart Tropy.

The ‘new’ in the screenshot is actually the project name; it’s not a translatable string, just the name you entered when creating the project (you can also rename it if you click on it). All the others are metadata labels. If you want to experiment with them locally you would add them to the onotology.db in your user-data folder (probably at ~/.config/tropy-dev/ontology.db).

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