Preferences not staying same

I’ve been continuing to struggle to get Tropy to function on 2 computers with the project and media saved on dropbox. Here’s the latest hurdle:

In the Tropy Preferences / Settings window, I’ve been opening the project on either computer to find settings are not the way I last set them. The settings I’m noticing this happen on are “Default templates” and “During import / Skip, Accept, Ask…” Various permutations have happened even after I’ve tried to make sure the updated file has saved before I open it on another computer. I finally took screenshots to catch this behavior in the act:

Computer I:

Computer A, opening the project file itself that is shown to have been updated on dropbox after closed it on Computer I:

Why would the default templates be different on Computer A from those on Computer I, when I open the file that was saved and synced from dropbox after I closed it on Computer I?

I closed the file on Computer A, started up Computer I, checked that the project file had been synced after I closed it on Computer A, and the default templates were unchanged. So I have preferences that read differently on 2 computers opening the project file.


The app settings are specific to each device. They are stored on each computer separately and are not part of the project, so it’s normal that you can have different settings on different computers.