Preserving Description content from iPhotos

How do I get the content of iPhotos ‘Description’ fields to show up in Tropy? I used Apple’s iPhotos 9.6.1 to add lengthy description to images I used for research. The iPhotos File Export window gives options for the exported images to include Title and Keywords but not Descriptions. The ‘Web Page’ export window, however, does have a ‘Show Description’ option for both the Thumbnail and Image. Is there a way to get the Descriptions from a Web Page export into Tropy? If so, how? Thanks!

If there’s any way to include the description in the photo’s XMP metadata (ideally using dc:description) it would be easy to import the data into Tropy. But it sounds like there is no such option? If you can export the photos in an adequate quality with all metadata as a web page it should be relatively easy to write a quick script to convert the web page into a JSON file suitable for import into Tropy. How many images are you looking to import? Could you post an example of the HTML file exported by iPhoto?