Printing notes without photos

Hi Community

I’m trying to print my notes and tags without including the actual photos. I have no use for printing the photos and don’t want to include them as that would make the printed notes cumbersome. I can’t seem to find such a function, do you guys know if it’s possible?


Interestingly, it had not occurred to us to print items without the photos, but you’re right that this would be useful. We’ll be adding this 1.6 which is already in beta.

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Great! I’m using a word-document parallell to Tropy, so am saiving the notes twice so to speak. If it would be possible to print only notes without images, I wouldn’t need to.

Again, I don’t know if it’s my lack fo skills (and the options are there but I’m not seeing it) or a lack of options, but if one could also be selective about which metadata or which notes is printed, that would be much appreciated.