Printing out notes

This could work out if you were able to reproduce the cutting-off in print with that placeholder image (make sure the placeholder is not just a solid color so you can tell if it is cut off in print).

Do you have another public domain image that gets cropped?

Yes my plan was to make something that would be obvious if cut. Let me see if there are other images i can show you.

@flachware Would this image work?

I added a border on the bottom, as the last color there is white.

@yoly yes this image works for testing — but the PDF (using US Letter format) looks alright, nothing gets cropped. Please have a look at the attached file. Can you reproduce the issue with this image?

print.pdf (100.5 KB)

that is so odd, it crops mine! both sides (top and bottom)
Test 1 A4 size.pdf (95.5 KB)

That’s curious. I’ll try to figure out why this happens. Do you have any custom styles in your style.css by any chance? (If the file exists you can find it by using the app menu Help > Show user data folder.)

This is what appears when I do that.

Ok this means you don’t have any custom styles. Please, could you try two more things:

  • Could you download the latest test image you have posted here on the forums and recheck if you can reproduce the issue with it (this is just to make sure that the image didn’t get changed by the upload)

  • After you are sure the issue still exists, could you add this file style.css (69 Bytes) to your user data folder (the folder shown in your latest screenshot) and try again (restart Tropy before printing)?

Just to make sure we aren’t missing anything, do you create the PDF using this option in the print dialog?

@flachware thank you for the follow-up.
I did as you requested, and this is the result:

Cropped again on both ends. I do use the print menu to open in preview. / save as PDF.

@yoly ok, could you replace the style.css file with the file below, test it again and post a screenshot of the PDF? Thanks!

style.css (297 Bytes)

@flachware here is what happens

Still cut and now it has this letters “custom styles”
I need to remove that text!

@yoly ok this didn’t work either, you can remove the entire style.css file, the text was just for debugging.

@yoly I can finally reproduce the issue when the ‘Allow content to take up more than one page’ option in the preferences is enabled.

When you disable that option, does the issue still exist for you?

@yoly the cropped image and the cut off text issues will be fixed in the next release. In the meanwhile please add this file style.css (366 Bytes) to your user data folder (you can remove it after the next Tropy update).

Thank you @flachware !
I haven’t tried to untick the “allow content to take up more than one page”, because my notes are usually longer and I need that feature.
Thank you for the css file, I will try this now!

Having issues printing my notes. Here’s what appears in my preview:

This looks like a bizarre font issue. Is this preview in the print dialog or a final PDF?

Please tell us your operating system and Tropy versions and upload one page of the PDF here and we’ll look into it!

It’s both the print dialog and the pdf.


I’m on a Mac, OS Big Sur. My Tropy ‘about’ says 1.8.1

@historianhisey this looks like a font issue. Did you change the system font by any chance? Do you have font issues in other applications too?

As a workaround, please give it a try and add this file to Tropy’s user data folder (Help > Show User-Data Folder) and restart Tropy: style.css (76 Bytes)