Printing out notes


I like to have all my notes printed out when I start planning chapters/ articles etc. Is there any way to print out my notes from Tropy or would I have to copy/paste them into another app?


I’m imagining outputting (into google docs, maybe) sort of virtual notecards, broken up so each item’s notes are a separate page.
Would be cool if you could somehow mark which aspects of an item’s metadata and notes would export. I sometimes have a bunch of rough notes or reminders (and often a transcription of the whole thing) on an item, along with the important notes. If making some parts of the notes a different color or something meant that export should ignore them, that would make the exported notes more focused.
And if I could have it put certain metadata fields at the top of each “card”/page, that would be helpful. Having a thumbnail of the item’s image in the printed notes might be a useful option.
Maybe an option to have it use different colors based on tags or dates or other variables, so the user could see where a note belongs without having to read each one. (Or some other instantly visible marker. Could be a tag, author name, year, or place name in bold type in a box at the top, for example.)


We’re currently working on features to address some of these ideas. On the one hand, we’ll be adding a way to print selected items (this will go through your operating system’s print dialog, i.e., you’ll be able to send this straight to a printer or save as PDF).

I’m also on the record for promising a notes export plugin: this is not hard to do, I simply haven’t gotten around to writing it. The idea, there, is to allow you to pick a format (plain-text or HTML, and hopefully markdown soon) and then save all the notes of the selected items in that format. Initially, this will not allow you to de-select individual notes, but as this is going to be a plugin it will allow for more flexibility (we could easily make a handful of custom variations or add a custom config file for the plugin to cater to different needs).

Both of these will be coming soon. Printing is planned for 1.4.3 (1.4.2 is currently in beta and will reach stable likely next week) and the notes export plugin whenever I find the time. I’ll post a follow-up here as soon as it’s ready for testing.