Problem with Note-Pad

One of the recent updates introduced what seems to be a problem for me. Say you’re editing a 300-word transcription in item view. If you place your caret somewhere in the middle of the text and start typing, Tropy pushes the line you’re typing on to the bottom of the note-pad box. I find this a little annoying, but OK, no problem. It makes sense. But when I use the arrow keys on my keyboard to navigate in any direction, the screen jumps way up such that I can’t see the caret any more. I have to edit the text to make it jump back down. In effect, this means that I can use arrow keys inside short notes but not long ones. It also means that, whenever I delete or cut the last line of a long note, the screen jumps up and I have to scroll back down.

Do you see this behaviour too?

Hmm, no, I don’t think I can reproduce this. When I click into the middle of the text and start typing, the scroll offset remains unchanged; only once the line breaks such that the next line would be outside the viewport there’s an automatic adjustment. Navigating with arrow keys works as expected too. I’m testing this on Linux so my guess is that this is a Windows specific problem – I’ll try to reproduce it there. It certainly should not behave this way!

This happens to me too! The screen also jumps away when I put in an umlaut, in addition to using the arrow keys or deleting. I’m on a Mac so I don’t think it’s a windows specific problem.

Yes, we’ve been able to reproduce this on macOS too; the issue has already been addressed and will be fixed in the upcoming release.

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Amazing thank you! It was definitely driving me a little crazy.