Problem with shortcuts in item view

New user to Tropy. Love it so far. In fact, I’m sitting in an archive now, benefiting tremendously from the program. Thank you, developers. ; )

When I am in item view, I cannot seem to advance to another item (or photo within an item) using the shortcut keys recommended in the documentation. I’m using Windows 10. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

There are typically two Alt keys on a keyboard. Depending on the keyboard layout used, they might not be identical. Have you tried Alt+Arrow Up or Alt+Arrow Down using the Alt key to left of the space bar? That one should definitely work!

If it does not, it’s possible that this key combination is already used by something else on Windows 10 (maybe even by default) – in that case we’ll have to change the combination on Windows.

Problem solved! Alt+Arrow Up/Down works ! I thought I had tried that combination, so many thanks for additional encouragement to try again.

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