Problems in the new Tropy version

The new version of Tropy has a bad layout for me in windows, the settings and the exit and minimize button overlap one another, so I cannot use the settings button anymore. I installed an older version, but the new one automatically updated itself. Can I solve this problem myself? Will you solve it in the next version?

Can you tell us what scaling level you use in the display settings? (E.g. 150% etc.) And do you use the View -> Zoom settings in Tropy?

To work around this you can still use the native title/menu bar by disabling the custom titlebar option in Tropy’s preferences.

I do not know how to open the settings as it is now.
This is how it looks. The three dots are unreachable.

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You should be able to open the preferences with Ctrl+Shift+S or Ctrl+S if the menu button is not clickable.

We didn’t realize that Windows also puts the controls on the left in some locales. We’ll address this in a point release soon.

This should be fixed in the 1.15.2 release.