Project File Error

I cannot reopen my project file, and get the following message on Tropy: “SQLITE_CORRUPT: database disk image is malformed”

I have not renamed or altered the .jpegs in my project file, and only added a select number of photographs (around 800). I lost about two hours of work. This has made me much less trusting of Tropy as a solution for my research needs going forward.

Are there any suggestions about what has gone wrong?

I’m sorry to hear that. Having worked with Tropy in development for over a year now, we have not seen any database file corruption so far; would it be possible for you to upload your project file here so that I can take a look at it? Also, it will be helpful to know which operating system you’re using and if it is possible that any other processes were accessing the file (backup service for example) while it was open.

Thanks for the reply.

I have tried to upload the .tpy file here, but it says that the file is to big (it says only 2.8MB on my hard drive). Where else can I send the file?I am using MacOS Sierra 10.12.4. No other processes were accessing the file while it was open.

The current limit in the forums is 3MB so it’s possible that the encoded upload is just above the limit. We’ll look to increase the limit, but meanwhile, if you have a GitHub account you could upload the file to this issue thread – otherwise, could you send it to me by mail?