Projects Empty--No content

I just logged in to Tropy after a few months away and all of my projects are empty. There are no photos, no notes, no transcriptions, no files within them, even though there are several projects listed as “recent.” I backed up my laptop on an external hard drive after each work session, but I have no idea how to recover them on/via Tropy (and no idea why this is happening, either). The only thing I can think of that has changed is that my Macbook updated to Catalina recently.

There is a difference between an ‘empty project’ and an ‘empty project window’; if you try to open a recent project in Tropy and the file is not there (or can’t be opened for any reason) you’ll typically see an empty project window with the list of recent projects.

How are you trying to open the projects? Via the list of recent proejcts or via File -> Open? If you’re opening them from the list of recent projects, please check that files are actually still at the original location, if they are not, you can still open them manually with File -> Open.

If you’re sure Tropy is trying to open the file at the correct location, but it still won’t work, please post your tropy.log file here (Help -> Show log files). If you restored your files from a backup after the Catalina backup this could be a file permission issue.

What I mean when I say my project is empty is that when I open it (via File-> open or via recent projects) the project has no content and says “Drop your photos into Tropy to get started.” I never moved its location, and have searched .tpy files in my computer and opened those, with the same problem. I opened files from the backups, too (tried one or two) and they are still opening with no content in the projects. Attaching my log file below.

tropy.log (6.8 KB)

Can you send me one or two of these project files? (If you don’t want to share them publicly you can send me a direct message here; if the files are too large upload to here you can send them via or similar)

Sure, I can send them. Thanks for your help. This is one I used for a teaching demo–it should have one or two pieces in it.

Class Sample.tpy (140 KB)

Unfortunately this project really is empty, except for two tags. If there were any items in the project they must have been deleted. The project was opened three times in total: today, in July last year and once in September 2018.

Could you send me another one? Ideally one that you have not opened today?

Okay, I literally have no idea what I just did, but my files are back…?

I tried to drag and drop one of the projects that I had not tried to open this morning, and it said (here) that it was an invalid file (even though it was .tpy). I must have inadvertently right clicked it to open, which opened Tropy, and then my projects were…back to normal?

Any idea what the heck happened?? I’m going to be perpetually anxious that these files will disappear again…

(Thanks for your help, though!)

What about the sample you posted earlier: is there anything in it?

What I could imagine is that you opened that one project, which really is empty, and then you opened other projects in a different window (in the log file you opened at least one project in a different window) – it’s possible that you did not notice the second Tropy window, then kept opening projects there, while looking at the empty project in the other window?

No idea. I’m not sure about a second window–I believe you, but I only had the one window open, as far as I can tell. Sample is still empty, as are the others (that should have files in them). The most important project IS there, though, so I will allow my heart rate to come down for the time being!

Just looked at the log file again and the new window was actually the first project opened – so you really had only one window open there, so that wasn’t it. The other thing I could think of, depends on how you opened the project files, if you drag and dropped them, I could imagine that something went wrong with ‘drop’ and the project was never actually opened?

I would carefully go through the files to figure out which are empty, checking the project name in the sidebar everytime (or closing the project window in between) to make sure the project was actually opened. I’m happy to check any files you send me to see if there is anything wrong with them, but the earlier one looked just fine.