Question about renaming and a duplication

Hi all,

Can I rename my Tropy project file without encountering an issue?

My second question regards a duplication of an item in my project. For some reason an item was duplicated and I didn’t notice. All of the photos associated with the item had the exclamation symbol next to them briefly and then it disappeared. It seems to have not been updated as I have more recent transcriptions in the item I have been working with. Can I safely delete this duplicate item or is there something I should be aware of?



I should clarify that by renaming the project I mean the file name in my file system itself, not in the program.

Yes, you can rename the project file without any adverse effects. But when you start Tropy the next time it will not open the project automatically if the most recent file was moved or renamed: you can open existing project either from the project window or the new project wizard via File -> Open or Cmd/Ctrl + O.

If you duplicate an item in Tropy, the duplicate item will scan the original image again, create thumbnails etc. The warning sign shows up if there’s an error loading the thumbnails, so it’s totally possible that they show up briefly while the thumbnails are being generated.

At the moment when you duplicate an item they are almost identical, but the two items are not connected in any way, so if you work on one or the other they will diverge. It’s safe to delete one of them, if you duplicated the item by accident – it won’t affect the other item.

Thanks for the quick reply and the info!