Re-linking images to exported metadata

A research assistant has been importing PDFs from a shared Microsoft Box folder and entering metadata for the files into Tropy. When she emails the JSON-LD files to me, they come without images attached (which I expected from the support documents). But is there a way to reconnect the metadata to the images of the PDF files? Or is there some other workaround that would allow me to get another person to enter the metadata and keep the images attached (without sharing a physical computer)?

Assuming you also have access to the folder with the originals, you should be able to import the JSON-LD to get all the metadata, then select one of the photos for consolidation and, when prompted, select the corresponding PDF in the file selector. After this, Tropy should suggest consolidating the other missing photos automatically.

If you don’t already have the originals, then it’s best to import them together with the JSON-LD. When Tropy imports JSON-LD items, it will expand paths relative to the file itself. That means that if, for example, you put all the originals in the same folder as the JSON file and shorten all the paths in the file to just the filenames, Tropy would find them while importing. The archive plugin can do all this for you automatically: this way your research assistant would send you the exported zip file containing both JSON data and all the originals and you can then unzip the file to a suitable location and import the JSON file. That being said, if you already have the originals it’s best to send only the JSON file and do the import plus consolidate a single photo as explained above.

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