Recognize and tag persons on group pictures

Hi from Paris,
I am archivist of an association and I have collected ca 20.000 pictures from 1910 to 1960.
I have done some tests and created a particular template according to a French Memorial requests. At the end, I will transfer our collection to it.
I am pretty ready to start with Tropy.
Last but not the least : is it a way, or do you think about, to have a possibility to manually recognize persons (with an adjustable frame, a letter or a number…) within a group picture ?
Then enter a link letter-number / name of person.
And then sort all pictures where name of this identified person appears ?
Thank you

Currently these are the options that I can think of, to tag a person in a group photo:

  • You can create tags for each person and apply the tag to each photo which includes the person. This makes it easy to find all photos with the person (just select the tag), but this only works well for a handful of people: if you want to tag hundreds of different people you would end up with a number of tags that’s not easily manageable with the current UI.

  • Another option would be to create a selection for each person in the photo. You can then enter the person’s name either as the selection’s title (or another metadata field) or as a note. To find all photos with a given person you would search for their name.

“to create a selection”
I had completely missed this functionality and this is of course the perfect answer to my question.
Thank you very much !