Recreate template from project


I run Tropy 1.8.0 on Kubuntu 20.04.
I have a project file which I managed to save from a failed disk (Linux Mint 19), and I had no problems in consolidating my photos.
The problem is that I didn’t save the two templates I created for my project.
I see that their fields are intact, and there is also an id for each template, which I can also find when I open the .tpy file with a text editor, but I don’t know if I can re-create them without starting from scratch.
I tried creating a template and inserting one of the original ids, but it seems that I still need to manually add each field.
Is there any way to do this?

Do you still have access to the broken disk, or perhaps a backup of your home directory. In this case you could just keep using your original ontology.db template – you can just copy this file into your user data directory, that is likely at ~/.config/tropy/ontology.db (you can select Help -> Show User-Data folder from the menu to see the exact location).

If your old data is not available anymore, then I’m afraid there’s no easy way to restore your templates. I would suggest to create two new templates using the original ids (that way you won’t have to change any of the items in the project), but you will have to add all the fields again.