Refining the search tool

Hello again, decidedly I am pestering you with requests but Tropy is really filling a void as to how to organize archival photos, all we historians are dealing with the problem of sorting our thousands of photos taken from archives, and Tropy is so far the best solution available (and I have spent month searching for a program like this one, and I have lost a lot of time and money on Evernote, grrrr).

For my previous large research project, begun in an archive where I could not take photos of documents, I built a database using Filemaker. This program is very powerful when it came to search options, a bit like Excel. And the search options, as you know, are extremely important for handling large databases.

It would be wonderful to have some of the search options of Filemaker added here.

One small example: how do I do to search for two terms? - so the AND function (ie: search for the Name X AND Name Z AND Name Y)

Would be possible to have added also the BUT function: search all the Name X BUT Name Z?

And more complex combinations: Search for X AND Y BUT Z;

A search within the results of a search… and so on

I hope I am clear enough.

Thanks in advance, and I really hope to see this very important feature

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Sorry for the delayed response‚Äďadvanced search is on our development agenda for our next major push, so stay tuned!


Great! I am also eagerly waiting for this research functions update. Also, the autocomplete (or simply search a tag not only by its initials) will speed up things. Many thanks for all this work!

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