Reload exif data into new template?

I read this in the support docs:

Note that in order to automatically populate your photo template with data from your camera, you’ll need to set an appropriate template as the default photo template before you import your photos. Fields do not automatically populate if you switch templates once a photo is in Tropy.

It would be great if the exif data could be reloaded, including whatever tags are used in the active template.

For example, say I decide to add User Comment to my template. When I reload the photo, Tropy fetches that tag, even though it wasn’t in the template originally used when the photo was imported.

Not being able to do this seems a pretty big limitation on long-term use of Tropy when it’s easy to imagine that a newcomer (:raising_hand_man:) might decide after using Tropy for a while that they want to include some tags that they didn’t originally think of.

PS I’m full of suggestions this weekend, as I’m trying to get my photo collection into shape and thinking that Tropy is the way to do it. Bear with me!

Yes, that’s a good idea. Something like a ‘reload metadata’ is something we could add easily. I guess the tricky questions will involve whether or not to overwrite existing data, but if this is an action you trigger actively, it’s probably OK to overwrite.

I’ll open an issue on GitHub to track this.