Renamed files not saved with new names?

Hi there,

I just reset my PC, and after reinstalling Tropy I opened the project file from a cloud drive where the photos are stored as well. Everything is fine and the photos are consolidating, except that the file name changes I made in Tropy for some of the photos a few weeks back are no longer there. This is the same when I open the project file on my laptop. Since I hadn’t used Tropy in a while on my work laptop, I don’t know if the file name changes ever showed there.

I was wondering how that might have happened. I had been working with the changed file names for weeks on the desktop, so I expected the changes to be stored in the project file. I double-checked copies of the project file, but they are even more outdated.

This is salvageable, but I want to make sure I am renaming the files in a way that gets stored.

Thank you for your help in advance!

Tropy doesn’t support file renaming (yet; this is likely going to go into the next release). If you rename a file outside of Tropy it is the same as if you moved the file.

I think you’re probably referring to changing the item’s or photo’s title in Tropy? On import Tropy tries to extract a title from the photo’s metadata and uses the file name as a fallback. But the title is not otherwise tied to the original file name. Changes to the title are saved in the project file the same as other metadata – so if you made changes to the title and they’re not there anymore, I suspect that you opened an older version of the project file? If you’re accessing the projects from multiple devices it’s also possible that you ran into a sync conflict (depending on your cloud drive solution it might be possible to check for sync conflicts).

Thank you for the quick response! And yes, I was referring to changing the names of the files in Tropy. I tried every backup file I could find, so I think you are probably right about the sync conflict. I should have checked the project on the laptop before cleaning up the desktop! Luckily, I had not gotten terribly far in the renaming :slight_smile:
Thanks again,