Renaming Tags Quickly and Easily

Let’s say I have a tag called “Xavier Dulaurier (died 1720)”. While reading a Tropy item, I discover Xavier’s date of birth and want to add it to his tag. Currently, I switch from item-view to project-view, right-click “Rename Tag” in sidebar-body, and make the change there. This becomes a problem if the item I was reading didn’t have Xavier tagged. When I right-click in sidebar-body, I lose the document I was reading.

There is no better way to do this, right?

You’re right, to rename the tag, the tag gets selected, which clears the current item selection if the tag wasn’t already selected. I don’t think there’s currently another way to do this. Renaming tags is going to be part of the new tag manager which we have designed/planned (sorry, but there’s no roadmap for when it will be ready).