Repeated images in exported PDFs

Hello! I’m using Tropy to organize archival research, and the exported PDF shows multiple copies of the same image rather than the different images that I imported (and can see on my Tropy dashboard). How do I fix this? Thank you!

Could you post the PDF as well as the JSON data of the items you’re exporting? You can copy the JSON data to the clipboard simply by pressing Ctrl/Cmd+C while the items are selected and then paste them here.

Thanks! This seems to be an issue with multi-page PDFs, we’ll fix this in the upcoming release!

Hi I just wanted to add some more information as I’ve had this issue as well. It seems to be a problem with exporting grouped items vs. non grouped items. For instance, I want to export this item, which is a group of 7 photos to a single pdf. But it produces a pdf with the same image repeated over and over. It seems to get the number of pages correctly but will randomly pick one of the images in the item and just reproduce it.

test 4.pdf (98.9 KB)

This results happens if one does Export Item → PDF or uses File → Print → PDF.

However, it exports correctly if one selects a series of ungrouped items that are individual photos.

So a temporary unwieldy workaround if one wants to export a grouped item is to explode the item, export, and then regroup.

I would add more screenshots/pdfs but as a new user I can apparently only add one.

Hope this gets fixed. Thanks for your tireless work on this phenomenal app!

We’ve already found the issue; it’ll be fixed in the next release. You’ll run into this whenever you’re printing multiple images/pages which are all from the same original file. Typically this will be the case if you’ve imported from a PDF for example.

I see. Good to know! Thanks

Thank you! Do you know when the next release will be out?