[Request] text-color in notes

Would it be possible to add the option to set font and text-background color in the notes editor?

would you mind to elaborate a bit on what the colors would be used for? Do you want to use them to mimic text colors of a document or would you use them to highlight passages in your notes?

Sure. I would use them to highlight specific keywords or passages.
I transcribe and translate entire documents in the notes, therefore it would be useful to have a way to mark specific terms in order to find them more easily when coming back to a note. I use already bold, italic and underlined text but: 1) it’s not the same 2) often I need them to mimic the text style 3) I can’t differentiate (while I can associate different colors with different topics)

Also a Search function within the notes would be extremely useful!
I don’t know if the notes system is designed to be used in this way but it’s the definitely one of the best software around to do it.

Thanks for clarifying! We’ve added the highlight tool and the search function within notes to our to-do list.