Search in lists and sublists

Having imported a number of image files, I put them in some kind of order creating lists and sublists. I expected that, within Tropy, I would then still be able to search the entirety of my database. Yet, to me, this does not seem to be the case. As I see it, the search of a particular image is limited to its respective sublist. And when I open a list that regroups a great number of sublists, my search remains fruitless, as it would not take into account the sublists and their contents, but only those images that are directly attached to the overarching list.
Could this behaviour be changed?

Here a somewhat similar request:
View all items in sublists.

For navigational purposes we decided to keep the current behavior – i.e., if you select a list you see only the items at this level. One of the reasons is that we’d like to add support for reordering the items in the list and displaying the items of sub-lists would greatly complicate this.

We’re planning to add more advanced search features that might including searching in a list and all sub-lists.

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Yes, this would be great. Those advanced search features are dearly missed.