Searching using tags or tags in notes

I am new to Tropy. I am using version 1.9.0 on a Windows 10 machine. I hope to use Tropy for my genealogical research. I have created a new project and added a dozen items as a trial. I then added tags to the items. I hope I am doing this wrong, but I find the search facility on the tags is limited. I expect to have several 1000 tags in the project - surnames, localities, etc. Highlighting each tag using the control key takes too long with 1000s of tags. Is there an easier way for me to extract the information I need using tags, please? Could I use the notes field for the tags instead?

The issue is that selecting multiple tags takes too long? There’s currently no better way to do this, but advanced search functionality and a re-designed tag widget is going to be part of our next development cycle.

That said, maybe you’re using too many tags: you can also store information like surnames as regular metadata fields or in notes; or organize/group items by using (nested) lists.

Thank you for replying.