Searching with tags -- showing items' list location?


Hello. I have my images sorted into lists that are organized hierarchically according to archive location (ie. collection, box, folder). When searching by tags, is there any way to know which list (and/or lists, should I sort them differently) each item is located in? Thanks!


When you select an item and press the ‘alt’ key, all the lists containing that item will be highlighted. There’s currently no way to see all the lists of all the items at once. (But we’re always interested in good ideas how that information could be displayed in the UI.)


Hi. Thanks for getting back to me. That doesn’t seem to be working for me. Is it the ‘alt’ key on its own, or in combination with another key? Using windows 10, btw.


No combination is needed. Just selecting an item (1 click, not double-click) and pressing ALT key. The list icons on the sidebar should be highlighted. I tested it on Windows 10


Ah, ok. Didn’t understand where I had to look. I also realize I needed to explode sub-lists to see them.