Select which Metadata Fields print to pdf?

I don’t think this is currently possible, apologies if I missed it.

It would be helpful if you could select which meta data fields to include and which to not when printing.

In my case some of the metadata is public facing and some is internal only.

The print to pdf function is very helpful, but I have to manually remove the extra meta-data.

Thanks again for a great software.

We’ve started using templates for this in plugins and it strikes me that this would be easy to apply to printing as well. Basically, you could set a template at each level (item, photo, selection, once we add support for printing them) and that template would act as a filter on your metadata so that only the fields given in the template will be printed.

Ah interesting. I figured it worth mentioning on the off chance it would be easy to implement.

I need to learn more about the phot / selection templates to see if they would be helpful for me, but I can see how you are saying it could work.

Currently I’m able to edit the pdf after printing to clean it up, not terrible. This feature request would streamline things a bit. I’ll keep an eye out for it potentially making it in a future release!