Selection Tool not working

I’m working on a mac. I’ve closed & restarted Tropy a number of times already, and each time the selection tool is no longer working. It’s worked on other items in the past, but on this new item today when I’ve selected a portion of image, the text box/selection box never pops up or appears in the list under the image I’m working on. I can click on and access the “selection tool” button itself and use it to outline the portion of the photo I want to select, it just doesn’t seem to function.

Can you quickly try to create a selection on a different image, ideally one that already has selections, to make sure that this still works? If it does, the issue is probably in some way related to the image in question. In this case, please just try to create a selection there one more time and, after it fails, open the tropy.log file to see if there are any errors (Help -> Show log files). Could you also tell us which operating system you use and the image format of the photo in question? Thanks!

It does seem to work on another file that already has selections. I’m using Mac OS Catalina (v10.15.7). I checked the log, and for errors it says "“Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat ‘/Users/[my name]/Downloads/[file name].pdf’” (I removed the file & user name because it was my full name!) Does this mean I should resave the file to a new location and import it again? Thanks!

Right, the selection tool loads the original file again to create the thumbnails of the selection. In the case of PDFs Tropy’s image viewer does not display the original, but a full-size rasterization of the PDF. It seems that you moved or renamed the original PDF after importing it into Tropy, so you need to tell Tropy where to find the file by consolidating the photo (just right-click on the photo in the panel and select the respective action, this should prompt you to select the file again at its new location).

Just reimported the file, and it seems to have resolved the issue. Thanks so much for your help!