Selections and Notes

There seems to be a bug affecting how notes attached to selections are shown in the note-pad.

Let’s say I create an item made up of image_1 and image_2. I attach a note to each image. Then I make a few selections and attach notes to them too. If I use my mouse to click between these things in the photo-panel, the notes change in the note-pad as expected. But, if I use my up and down keyboard arrows to move between them, the notes don’t update properly.

Good catch, thanks! We’ll address this in the upcoming release.

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I have noted a similar issue using links. E.g.:

  • I create item_1 with photo_1, and item_2 with photo_2
  • In the notes for both photo_1 and photo_2, I insert links from one photo to the other.
  • In photo_1, I ctrl+click the link to photo_2.
  • photo_2 appears, but the note (with the link to photo_1) does not appear in the note editing area – it shows in the note list only, so I need to click it to be able to ctrl+click the link that takes me back to photo_1.

Btw, a “back” button could be handy when we use links to other photos. :slight_smile:

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Following up on Paulo’s comment, @inukshuk , could a change be made in the next version such that clicking a Tropy link will also load the relevant image’s note? I see that “Fixed automatic note selection” is mentioned in the change log for v1.16.0, but this particular bug still exists.

Right, we’ve already fixed that but it’s going into the next release. The behavior is going to be that if you’re opening an item then the first matching note will be selected unless the currently selected note already matches the selected photo/selection – normally this should just be what you’d expect, but there are some edge cases when you have multiple notes on a photo or selection.

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