Sharing custom templates

As suggested on Twitter, I’m sharing some customised templates that I’ve been using for a recent project. They’re adapted from the Tropy Generic template. I hope that they are sufficiently distinct to require a new forum topic. (And please, share other templates!)

My project is on mid-20th century refugee resettlment in Australia, and so, my templates are for two Canberra-based collections. However, since I’m new, I can only post one attachment at a time.

NLA - is the National Library of Australia. I’ve been using it for archival holdings of personal and institutional papers like this one Records of the Australian Council of Churches, 1911-1993 (bulk 1948-1985) [manuscript] | National Library of Australia

NLA Items (from Tropy Generic).ttp (3.1 KB)

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There was sufficient correspondence in the NLA material to warrant a separate template.
NLA Correspondence.ttp (3.1 KB)

And the other institution is the National Archives of Australia (NAA)

I’ve been using it for holdings like this one:

NAA Items (from Tropy Generic).ttp (3.7 KB)

These are all great! Thank you so much for sharing!

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I’ve been making custom templates for 1790-1820s Naval letters at the UK National Archives and the Caird Library, but they are super specific–designed for the ADM 1 Admiralty in-letters from the former and the Navy Board out-letters at the latter. I’m not really sure that the fields I selected were the right ones to use but they work for me.

Admiralty (TNA) Correspondence.ttp (3.3 KB)
Navy Board (Caird) Correspondence.ttp (3.2 KB)

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