Sharing photos with collaborator

Hi. I’m amazed at Tropy’s capabilities and am really grateful for the software. I’m having trouble, however. My research assistant (who works on a Mac) set up a Tropy project with around 10,000 images, many of which are tagged. She saved the .tpy file onto our shared Dropbox. I’ve downloaded Tropy onto my PC and uploaded the file – I can see the project, all the titles and tags but no pictures. Can someone tell me what am I doing wrong?

Hi–sorry to take so long to respond!

Are your photos themselves in Dropbox? In order to have the same project work in two different places, the paths to the photos have to be absolutely identical. If you don’t have access to the photos, they won’t show up in Tropy.

This thread doesn’t exactly answer your question, but you may find some of the information helpful in making it clear how Tropy looks for and uses your photos: Moving Photos After Import: Photos do not open in Item View