Sharing projects

Hello. I’m wondering if it’s possible to share projects with other Tropy users. I’m currently working on a project and have been uploading the jpegs of correspondence to DropBox with no metadata. If I take the time to add metadata to jpegs in Tropy, I’d like to be able to share them with others in my project. Is this possible? Thank you!

With the caveat that we still have a lot of work to do in making projects more portable and easier to access from multiple devices, this kind of setup is definitely possible already (but there are some constraints).

A Tropy project consists of your project file and your photos. The project file can be moved around freely at the moment, but your photos are stored (in the project file) using their full paths. You can open your project file and work on it even if the photos are not accessible (if the thumbnails have been created on your computer already, the pictures will show up in the project view, but not in the item view, where Tropy will try to load the original file) but to share a project completely with someone else (or with yourself on a different device) it is important, at the moment, that the photos are accessible at the same absolute path.

If your project and your photos reside on a portable device (USB drive or similar) or on a cloud storage (like Dropbox) it is typically possible to set up your project / devices in a way to make this possible. Ideally you would do this before importing your photos, but there are also ways to alter the photo paths in your project database later on in case your photos move.

Apologies for turning this into such a long answer, but this is to say that, yes, you can share your Tropy project with other Tropy users already (but I’d be careful to not write to the project at the same time) but it is not a workflow that is ‘officially’ supported yet (one of our main next goals is to support just such scenarios, but this will take a while).

You can find more details about how Tropy accesses your photos in the manual and there have been some discussions about how to use Tropy from multiple computer and how to update your photo paths here on the forums, most notably here and here. Hope that helps!